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Flawless Finish

Flawless Finish

Perfect for work and play, achieve a flawless look for any occasion in 5 easy steps. This tutorial features one of our favourites; the Flawless Finish Concealer, which is designed to be paired perfectly with our top-selling Flawless Finish Foundation.


Step 1. For make-up that will last through the day and night, start with MUD Skin Perfecting Primer before applying your MUD Flawless Finish Foundation (we recommend a small thumb-sized amount). Why use primer? Primer acts as a barrier to prevent make-up from seeping into your pores.

To get the best results, don’t forget to bring your foundation down to your neck for a seamlessly flawless look.
available in 3 shades
Step 2. Brighten your complexion with MUD Flawless Finish Concealer, designed to have the same finish and blend perfectly with MUD Flawless Finish Foundation. Apply under the eyes and on areas that need extra coverage after foundation. This avoids the concealer being diluted by the foundation.


Step 3: Sweep a coat or two of the MUD Volume & Infuse Mascara, infused with argan, rose-hip and jojoba oil, to strengthen and nourish lashes. For best results, try curling your lashes with an eyelash curler before application.


Step 4. Use your brow pencil to draw an imaginary line from the outer edge of the nose to the outer edge of the eye. Use this as a guide to shape your brows. Define your brows with the MUD Eyebrow Pencil.

available in 2 shades




Step 5. Finish your look with MUD Moisturising Lipstick In Sunset Nude, a warm-tone nude. For a natural look, use your fingers to blot your lips after application.

available in 4 shades



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